Constantia Nek.

Posted on Sun March 31, 2019.

Constantia Nek. Cross Roads of the Peninsular


Constantia Nek
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Constantia Nek, a hike around the dams

Your walk begins on the forestry road which is just above Constantia Nek. Depending on how strong you feel, on the left hand side there are some steep steps which cross the road and take you upwards to the last section of the climb. Alternatively, take it easy and choose the more gentle route which is a slower, more winding route up the mountain. As you continue always head upwards – there are a few forks in the road. Especially important not to miss is the second fork about 10 mins into the walk. It goes steeply upwards and to your left. When you reach the first dam, one of the smaller ones, called De Villiers Dam, follow the road past it and you will come to the Alexander and Victoria Dams on your right. Further on you will find the larger Woodhead and Hely Hutchinson Dams where you can walk along each Dam wall. There is even a very short ladder to walk across the upper, Hely Hutchinson Dam wall which is fun to tackle. Continue along the road around the Woodhead Dam until you reach the end of the road. On the left, you will find a small path that cuts back towards the Dam. The path can be found opposite the small tap on the right hand side.
Cross back along the Woodhead Dam wall and return along the same path as you came up.

Take With

·         A picnic for lunch at the dams at the end of the walk (recommended)

·         sunglasses

·         good walking shoes

·         insect repellent

·         refreshments and water

·         camera

·         binoculars


There is nothing better than fresh mountain spring water and you will find a little stream near the top which runs under a little bridge – a great stop for a drink. There is also a drinking fountain a little further on if you prefer.Why not consider a picnic lunch at the dams. The setting is absolutely idyllic and very peaceful for a little doze in the sun. There is also a little museum near the Woodland Dam if you interested in the history of these dams that were built over 100 years ago!